Teeth Whitening Reviews

A Look at Teeth Whitening Reviews

No doubt you have already read many Teeth Whitening Reviews on the internet or in Magazines. BUT The sad truth is that teeth whitening reviews often forget to mention one very important fact to people. And that fact is that these advertised teeth whitening products have one thing in common: hydrogen peroxide—a harmful element that can cause serious infections not just to our teeth, gums, and mouth but also to our health in general.

In a study being conducted by a group of dentists at the United States Clinical Research Associates, it was found out that hydrogen peroxide, no matter how low or high its concentration is, can incur side effects to anyone who improperly uses it. This is why we should be wary about teeth whitening reviews we read online.

The most common clinical effect of teeth whiteners such as bleach is tooth hypersensitivity. According to some teeth whitening reviews, this is usually felt by bleaching patients at the early stage of the treatment. Tooth hypersensitivity is caused by receded gums (which is due to loss of gum tissues). The tooth then painfully reacts to any cold or hot food or drink we take in. Aside from hypersensitivity, some patients also experience tooth pain, soft tissue irritation, and swelling gums.

Teeth whitening reviews also often deny the fact that overusing teeth whitening products (applying them on teeth for more than the prescribed duration) can lead to serious health problems such as cancer of the soft tissues of the mouth (caused by a type of peroxide called carbamide also present in other teeth whitening products). Hydrogen peroxide could also possibly damage the eyes, respiratory system, and the skin from improper use.

So, Just what health risks are you prepared to gamble on to get whiter teeth??

However, We do not have to risk our health to get the white teeth and bright smile that we want. We can still have these by using the right product and not merely relying on teeth whitening reviews. Have you heard of Zero Peroxide Teeth Whitening? It is a teeth whitening solution that receives positive teeth whitening reviews on the Internet.

Zero peroxide is a complete whitening kit made in the US, duly approved by dentists in the US as well as the UK. Most teeth whitening reviews will tell you that it ensures an effective, safe, and affordable teeth whitening solution for people who want to get that shining white pearls without compromising their health.

The kit contains the followingTeeth Whitening Reviews

  • a naturally-enhanced non-peroxide gel,
  • LED-accelerator light for the fastest possible whitening,
  • no-mess comfort mouth tray,
  • pocket-sized teeth whitening gel pen,
  • hygienic mouth tray holder,
  • water proof travel bag,
  • complete instructions
  • convenient shade guide.

Zero peroxide boasts of effective teeth whitening through the use of sodium bicarbonate (also known as bicarbonate of soda or baking soda)—a safe and natural formula that releases free radicals that penetrate the tooth enamel and remove stains. Zero Peroxide also contains natural ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera, pomegranate, and vitamin D that help speed up the whitening process, and promote healthier gums and teeth —the main reasons why it receives positive teeth whitening reviews.
The LED accelerator light that comes with the kit emits a special safe ultra-violet light that speeds up and enhances teeth whitening by up to 50%. Consumers who have written teeth whitening reviews for Zero Peroxide claim that it is the only home tooth whitening kit that provides an easy to use comfortable mouth tray. This means that teeth whitening patients no longer have to do risky things such as boiling water, melting the tray, and placing the hot tray in the mouth to form a mold.
Another thing that helps Zero Peroxide receive good teeth whitening reviews is the pocket-sized teeth whitening gel pen included in the kit that helps people on the go to perform the procedure anytime, anywhere. The gel pen enables a person to do quick touch ups, remove stains, and brighten their smiles whenever they need.
What can be more important in dental kits than it being hygienic? Zero peroxide offers a mouth tray holder to ensure that consumers put clean and safe teeth whitening products in their mouth. The kit also comes with a waterproof travel bag where all these things can be safely tucked away.
And what is a teeth whitening kit without a complete guide manual and a handy shade guide? Consumers get all these at a very affordable price.
There are already many satisfied consumers writing teeth whitening reviews about Zero Peroxide. Aside from the fact that these consumers have not experienced any irritation, sensitivity, and other side effects from using it, they are also happy that they see instant results in as fast as 20 minutes. The kit also has the most complete and effective teeth whitening paraphernalia which price is only a fraction of majority of teeth whitening procedures in the market today. Zero Peroxide also offers a 30 day money–back guarantee.

So to sum it all up, Zero Peroxide Teeth Whiteing is

  • Safest on the market
  • Easy to use
  • Better Value than its competitors (includes 2 tubes of whitening gel)
  • Has the most comfortable and easy to use mouth guard
  • Is also the most complete kit of its kind
  • Has the longest money back guarantee…

So what have you to got to lose after reading our teeth whitening reviews?